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The ACY Securities Fund Managers program offers you a variety of technical support including free access to Multi Account Manager (MAM / PAMM) and free use of Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA). We provide the technology and support, so you can focus on growing your business. With the use of our professional fund manager account you can maximise your earning potentials.

Our platform allows you to manage multiple client portfolios with great efficiency. Using our MAM platform, you can focus on trading – as you can sit back and let us do the rest.

What is MAM/PAMM?

Multi Account Manager/ Percent Allocation Management Module (MAM / PAMM) are efficient and flexible distribution apps that allow you to manage multiple client accounts. Suitable for money managers who need an intelligent allocation model and batch processing capabilities when managing various client accounts.

The ACY Money Manager Program Includes

Customisable trading conditions including spreads, commissions and performance fees

Automatic calculation of commissions and performance fees with easy withdrawal options

Ability to add/remove funds without affecting trading activity

Professional reporting analytics accessible to you and your clients

Solutions for EA and manual traders

Ability to hide trades (your intellectual property) from sub accounts

Set client charges based on your preferences and investment philosophy

Flexibility in withdrawing commissions to improve your cash flow

The minimum trade size is 0.01 lot

Keep investors happy by allowing them to deposit and withdraw when they want

Total transparency between ACY, Money Managers and Investors

Prevent copying of your trading strategy by showing only closed trade profit and loss to your clients

Advantages of the Fund Managers Program

Our Multi Account Manager (MAM) is ideal for money managers or forex managed account operators who are looking to automate trade allocations to customer accounts on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The highest level of fund safety and security is vital to our success. We adhere to and implement a high level of risk management protocol to protect your funds.

Gain access and trade 40 currencies, 14 stock indices and 4 precious metals on our MT4 trading platform.

Advantages of MAM

With a simple login, the MAM allows money managers to manage hundreds of accounts from within the one MT4 terminal.

The ECN/STP trading model with the ability to obtain the best bid and offer prices from 16 top liquidity banks.

The minimum trade size is 0.01 lots so investors can take smaller positions.

Ability to use stop loss and take profit orders and automatic calculation of commissions and performance fees with easy withdrawal options.

Displayed to you and your clients, it covers everything from easy and quick client on-boarding to trade allocation, back-office reporting, administration and prime brokerage services.

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