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Advantages of Trading the Forex Market

Means investors can participate in market fluctuations anytime and in different time zones.

Our spreads are extremely low, averaging around 0.8 pip.

We have a wide range of over 40 currencies including majors, crosses and exotic FX pairs.

With large transaction volumes and high liquidity, the FX market provides an efficient and transparent flow of trades between buyers and sellers within seconds and with no re-quotes.

The Forex market is a truly global market where economic, political and regulatory trends and policies can affect the currencies movements. Using our trading platform, you can trade all the major currencies across the world.

Available Forex Currency Pairs

Available Forex Currency Pairs

*Prices and Spreads based on zeroECN account.

Get Started in Minutes

At ACY, we provide you with a demo account to allow you to practice and build your confidence and access the FX markets.

1 Lot = 100,000 Base Currencies    Position: Long    Leverage: 100


Bid 1.1267 / Ask 1.1268
Proposed leverage is 100:1
1 Lot = 100,000 Base Currency

Value per Lot:
100,000x1.1268=112,680 USD

Margin per Lot:
112,680÷100=1,126.8 USD


Bid 1.1277 / Ask1.1278

Closing Price @ $1.1277

Value per Lot $112,770


Profit:112,770-112,680= $90


Bid 1.1257 / Ask1.1258

Closing Price @ $1.1257

Value per Lot $112,570


Loss:112,680-112,570= $110