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What is an Index CFD?

A stock index CFD, such as the S&P500, is a measurement of the price movement of all the shares that make up that index. As each of the top 500 stocks in the US move, so too does the S&P500 index.

Trading index CFDs means you are trading on the performance of the whole index. And this means more opportunity, 100 to 1 leverage, zero commissions and deep liquidity.

At ACY, you get access to the S&P500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax, FTSE, Euro Stoxx, Hong Kong 50, Nikkei, China A50 and the S&P ASX 200.

Advantages of Trading Index CFDs

Never has it been easier to trade around the clock and access the major global indices through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. ACY gives you access to desktop, mobile and tablet versions of MT4 so you can trade on the go, using the world's most popular trading platform.

Most global indices remain open for trading outside the regular market hours. And the fact the various indices operate in different time zones means you can have trading opportunities almost 24 hours a day. Whether you want to trade the Asian indices during their day and catch the European or US indices later on, or vice versa, you have more opportunities when you are trading index CFDs.

Trading Index CFDs is done on margin, which means you only put a fraction of the trade size upfront to open an Index trade. You can trade most global indices at 100 to 1 leverage which means 1% margin is required to control the total position.

The fact you can trade indices short or long makes them an attractive proposition to many traders. And why not? This means you can take advantage of price movements whether the markets are going up or down. In this sense, you can use Index trading as a hedging strategy or for directional trading as well.

Major Global Indices

*Prices and Spreads based on zeroECN account.

How to Trade Index CFDs?

1 Lot = 1 Contract    Position: Long    Leverage: 100


Dow Jones
Bid 16,814.1/Ask 16,817.1
Proposed leverage is 100:1

Value per Lot:
1x16,817.1= 16,817.1 USD

Margin per Lot:
16,817.1÷100=168.171 USD


Bid 16,824.1 / Ask 16,827.1

Closing Price @ $16,824.1

Value per Lot $16,824.1




Bid 16,794.1 / Ask 16,797.1

Closing Price @ $16,794.1

Value per Lot $16,794.1