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ACY’s First Workshop in Bandung, Indonesia

By: 2018-10-05 16:53:18

ACY Capital (ACY), one of the most emerging Australia foreign exchange education and brokerages, has just held its first educational forex seminar in Bandung city, Indonesia, on 28 September 2018. The seminar was open to all and free of admission while receiving excitement from local traders.

The seminar was held to leverage the locale’s unseen traders community, as it’s managed to build an audience that has a colourful mix of backgrounds, from newbie to seasoned ones. In the seminar, ACY also introduced a set of promotional programs to attract interest of traders from the region of Bandung especially when they saw the supercar jackpots available to be drawn and won from 2018 Monthly Prizes.

During the seminar, the audience was given the chance to see ACY’s live trading session. Mr. Bhaskara led the audience in the live trading session with scalping technic. At the end of the seminar, ACY clearly stated their commitment to develop and support their network of clients in the long term, and such seminar as this will not be one-time only.

The sheer potency of Indonesia’s forex has not escaped ACY’s eyes as it is something too big to pass in the region of Asia-Pacific. Also, Bandung certainly has a significant number of traders, and ACY is keen to introduce them to ACY’s international-class trading services before getting into other major Indonesian cities.

Early bird attendees checking-in at the Open Gate hour.

Live trading session with Mr. Bhaskara, shown here currently explaining the technic that is being used back in the session.

Audience starting to fill the venue as the seminar starts soon.

Eager attendees greeted by ACY seminar assistants, standing by around the venue, eager and ready to assist the attendees accordingly.

Audience in focus as the seminar’s still in progress.

Mr. Bhaskara with lively ACY seminar assistants, posing on the rooftop of Moxy Hotel Bandung, where the seminar took place.

ACY’s first workshop in Bandung with an overwhelmed support.