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Forex Webinars
Whether you are new to foreign exchange trading or already have some market experience, we believe that a solid FX trading education is vital to your success as a trader.
Meet Your Host - Alistair Schultz
Alistair has more than 15 years’ experience in the global financial markets from FX to equities and has worked all over the world, including the trading floors of New York.

Throughout his career, he has coached many an aspiring trader, including the iconic footballer Tim Cahill. At the core of Alistair’s teachings are a philosophy that every person has their own personality and their unique way of trading.

His book ‘Essentials for trading students’, is based on the exact philosophy, helping students of the markets develop their style.

Alistair is a guest speaker on leading finance and business networks, covering the global markets with a fundamental focus.

Learn the basics of technical analysis and understand how you can use it to enhance your trading.

Understand and recognise trends, chart patterns, support and resistance levels to identify turning points and trading opportunities.

Know how to use different indicators to analyse market movements and to make more informed trading decisions.

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