“While it may seem like we are investing in wealth, we are actually investing in life”.
Gain experience in trading and build confidence from both the ups and the downs.


Whether you are a trading educating company, a fund manager, or a provider with value-added services for traders, ACY can customize solutions to meet your needs through a specialized affiliate program.

forexaffiliate1 Forex Affiliate

Advantages of Joining ACY

  • We can help you expand your business
  • Give your customers access to the leading online trading platform
  • Business development guidelines
  • Provide great returns to help you succeed

Cooperation plan

ACY_IB_English-514x337 Forex Affiliate

IB Program:

ACY’s Introducing Broker (IB) program provides you with a stable and high return partnership that gives you continuing rewards for introducing new clients.

A Referral Program:

Invite friends to open an account with ACY and both you and your friends will receive referral bonuses when they deposit and trade.

ACY_whitelable_English-522x308 Forex Affiliate

White Label Program:

The ACY White Label Program provides branded solutions for institutional clients. You can promote your brand while we take care of all your technologies.

moneymanager_CN-522x308 Forex Affiliate

Fund Managers Program:

Using our MAM platform you can combine flexible distribution and trading performance to manage multiple accounts at the same time.

How to become a partner?

Step 1: Choose a program
Choose from one of the above four program types
Step 2: Complete a short form
Fill in your basic personal information. If you have any trading experience, you can also fill it in.
Step 3: Activate
You will be contacted within 24 hours by an ACY institutional representative.

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